Feiyu G4

I recently received a Feiyu g4 to go along with my Xiaomi Yi action camera. My wife and I took it out today to put it through a day of shooting to test out how well it would do and what our initial thoughts on the device are. At $250 on Amazon, it’s just over three times the cost of the Xiaomi Yi so… is it worth it?

Shot here are two different days, one with the Feiyu and one without, I think its pretty easy to tell which is which. The awful shaking is reduced to a less motion sickening level. The pans are smoother, and the shots are just nicer to look at. The whole kit comes with four batteries and only uses two so we had plenty of battery power for the gimbal for the five hours we shot. Almost continuously at that! The Feiyu outlasted our three Xiaomi Yi batteries, and one Canon battery! This thing was good for over five hours of almost continuous use, only needing to change the batteries at the end of the day. That’s some good stabilization right there.

There are three modes on the Feiyu handle: locked head, tilting head, and reversed head modes. There is another but I’ll get onto that later. I used the tilting head the most as there are more situations where I want the camera to see what I’m seeing without having to crouch down in awkward ways just to see what I want the camera to see. The reverse head mode is great if you need to get really low for some reason. Finally the mystery mode. Okay, it’s not really a mystery… in the head tilting mode you can press and hold the button for a second and the Feiyu will lock into that position so you can use it looking in that direction. It’s useful if you want to look down at a map and move across it, or you don’t want to have the camera looking up your nostrils while you’re shooting yourself.

The Feiyu that I have doesn’t have all the buttons or functions the DJI Osmo has- like a dedicated selfie mode, a cellphone attachment, or the camera- but at a price tag at roughly half the cost I’ll take it. The Feiyu works well, the battery life is excellent, and it has a good selection of additional parts that increase battery life and reach. Overall it’s a great, easy way to increase the production value of any film I’ll be working on in the future, and if you have an action camera I think it’s a worth while purchase.