Canon vs. Nikon vs. BMPCC

I went with Canon for one reason, Magic Lantern. Magic Lantern was the only firmware hack to open up the abilities of an entry level DSLR to more pro level additions like: mic monitoring, zebras, and focus peaking. The cost for me was around $350 for the body and a

Pre-Production – The Planning Phase

Pre-production to me is from after your final draft of your script is done to moving onto the set. This is where most of your decisions get made and all of your planning should be. This is a time that feels like there's a lot of pressure, and where hard

Camera Sensors, Does size matter?

One inch, MFT, APS-C, Super 35mm, Full-frame, Medium format- which one should you get? Which one do you have? What the hell do those letters and numbers mean? Well, to go along with the body blog I just posted, this one is about the main component of a digital camera:

How I picked what colleges to apply to.

There are a variety of film programs at many different colleges, so it's hard to figure out which one to go to. When I was researching schools I want to go to, there is a TON of great advice, lists, etc. Some great schools have some pretty shitty film programs,