Why I want to make films.

I've been getting into a few different film making videos like the ones from MasterClass, and some various online sources. Most of them start with asking why the viewer wants to make videos. I thought everyone had a reason because every director seems like they have a reason. The videos

What I’m bad at- Praise.

Everyone always tells you how good they are at something... well let's talk about some real stuff here. I'm pretty good at critiquing something... so let's criticize my ability to do things. Hopefully we'll all get something out of it by looking at something I'm not good at. I'm not talking

Why crits are important

A good critique is one thing- someone using critical thinking skills to analyze a project. So many people don't know what a good critique is, even when it's explained not five minutes before the critique happens! A good critique gives someone something to work on, and a direction to head in...

Pre-Production – The Planning Phase

Pre-production to me is from after your final draft of your script is done to moving onto the set. This is where most of your decisions get made and all of your planning should be. This is a time that feels like there's a lot of pressure, and where hard

How to become an Artist

An artist can be anyone. There is art in movement like dancing or martial arts, in imagery like a painting or photograph- but is anyone who does those things truly an artist? 728

Everyday links

There are a lot of websites that I visit on a daily basis, and I've laid them all out here for you to benefit. 420

Film school, is it worth it?

With the age of the internet, and almost anything you'd ever want to learn literally at our finger tips, what purpose does institutionalized education serve? First of all, let me be honest: 361

Critique and criticisim

Hello budding flower, precious new butterfly of the art community. You are wonderful and unique, special in every way. That's the last time I'll ever say that to you. After dodgeball crits, I'll never look at a critique the same way again. You see, little butterfly, 234

Directing, a Human’s Guide.

Everyone I've met who wants to work in entertainment fancies themselves a director at some level. When I was at San Jose State for animation, everyone was great when everyone was an animator, but dear God did that fall apart when there was a hierarchy. As just one example,