Intel CPUs, a Video Editors Guide

Instead of debating the merits of either AMD or Intel, I'm going to put that aside for another blog. Right now I can only tell you what I know. They're both excellent if 634

Mice, a Video Editors Guide

Mice, mouses, meece? Human interfacing device? Whatever. This is THE most important tool in your arsenal. Forget Avid, Premiere, After Effects or whatever other program or hardware you're using. A server filled with Xeon CPUs and Quadro GPUs aren't going to save you from RSI. 512

Everyday links

There are a lot of websites that I visit on a daily basis, and I've laid them all out here for you to benefit. 420

Storage, a Video Editors Guide

Storage is important for anyone who uses a computer, but for an editor it's everything. Your storage device is what you keep your raw footage on, your edits, your completed work, and your demo reel. This is your livelihood. Anything could go wrong 270

Video Cards, a Video Editors Guide

The great debate between team Green and team Red. AMD and Nvidia are two competing video card manufacturers that gamers will argue about until the end of time. For us the results are not so clear. What everything boils down to is 92

Mac vs. PC a Video Editors Guide.

There was a time when Mac's ruled the land in all things artistic. They were the go to machine for Photoshop and beyond. The problem is that this is no longer the case. Gone away is the pristine nature of 41