Why crits are important

A good critique is one thing- someone using critical thinking skills to analyze a project. So many people don't know what a good critique is, even when it's explained not five minutes before the critique happens! A good critique gives someone something to work on, and a direction to head in...

Exposure. The triangle.

In photography and videography there is what is known as the exposure triangle. ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture make up the three points and, by adjusting each one, you end up at the perfect exposure. As a baseline, I learned, in photography you shoot 1/ISO at f. 16 in sunny

Feiyu G4

I recently received a Feiyu g4 to go along with my Xiaomi Yi action camera. My wife and I took it out today to put it through a day of shooting to test out how well it would do and what our initial thoughts on the device are. At $250

Lenses, More than I could chew. Pt. 1

What's more important for capturing your images than a camera? The lens. The lens is the first part of capturing an image. Through thousands of camera bodies, throughout the 100 years we've been able to capture an image, the lens is the first line of processing that information. Without it,